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Schwab and TD Ameritrade are becoming one. As we move forward together, we'll be here to support you and your independent investment advisor and answer your questions about the transition.

What's happening and how it affects you.

  • Your relationship with your advisor will not change.
  • Your account will move from TD Ameritrade Institutional to Schwab in 2023.
  • Schwab will automatically transfer your assets and holdings—there is nothing you need to do.
  • After the move, you will have access to Schwab Alliance, our secure online client portal. Schwab Alliance makes it easy for you and your advisor to manage your accounts.
  • You will have a new Schwab account number, so you will need to update any direct deposits or recurring payments that you have set up directly with your bank or other third parties. Any instructions set up on TD Ameritrade will transfer over.

Get ready.

Here are a few tips to get prepared.

  • Set up your AdvisorClient® credentials.

    Go to advisorclient.com to set up your login ID and password. This is the easiest way to view your accounts and balances and to get access to Schwab Alliance.

    Already have AdvisorClient credentials? You will be prompted to create a Schwab Alliance Login ID and password closer to the transition date for your account(s). You will see your advised account information from TD Ameritrade on the Schwab platform as soon as your account transfers.

  • You will have a new Schwab account number.

    Be sure to set up your credentials on advisorclient.com before the transition so you will have access to Schwab Alliance. On your first day at Schwab, you will find your new account number(s) in your Accounts Summary on Schwab Alliance.

Your transition timeline.

Here's a look at what's happening and when.

  • 90 days before your transition weekend

    Clients who use AdvisorClient.com and Mobile will receive personalized information and calls to action to help prepare for the conversion.
  • 60 days before your transition weekend

    Prior to your transition, you will receive specific details about your account, like your account agreements and information about your Schwab cash feature.
  • 28 days before your transition weekend

    We'll provide the information you need to set up your new Schwab Alliance Login ID and password.
  • 14 days before your transition weekend

    Certain routine requests for accounts moving from TD Ameritrade Institutional will be temporarily suspended while we prepare for the move. See more.
  • 3 days before your transition weekend

    Last day to establish a new ACH or wire connection with TD Ameritrade Institutional.
  • Your final day to transact at TD Ameritrade Institutional

    This is the last day to initiate wires, deposit checks, and use checks/debit cards at TD Ameritrade. Open good-till-canceled/good-till-date orders will be canceled after market close. See more.
  • Your last day at TD Ameritrade Institutional

    Access to your TD Ameritrade account will no longer be available starting at 8:30 p.m. ET on the Friday before your transition weekend. During this time, you will not be able to see your account. See more.
  • First business day after conversion weekend

    Welcome to Schwab! We look forward to serving you and your advisor. If you haven't already, please set up your Schwab Alliance credentials. You can begin using new checks and update any direct deposit ACH information.

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about the transition.

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