What to expect from your new Schwab experience.

We know change can feel uncertain—especially when it comes to your money and investing. Sometimes just knowing what to expect can help. Here's a glimpse into what you'll experience when accessing and managing your account at Schwab.

Top online account management features to get to know.

One of the biggest changes will be getting familiar with Schwab's web and mobile experiences. Here's how some of the most used features appear on Schwab.com and the Schwab Mobile app.

Top online account management features at Schwab.

Accounts Summary

Getting started on the Accounts Summary.

Getting started on the Accounts Summary.

At Schwab, you'll have a personalized accounts summary. This customizable overview features all your account balances and lets you link and add non-Schwab accounts to see your full financial picture.

What to expect:

  • See all your accounts in one place on Schwab.com and the Schwab Mobile app.
  • Access your most used features on the Schwab Mobile app dashboard, including account balance, total value, and important messages.
  • Personalize your Schwab.com view by naming and arranging your accounts, and prioritizing the information you need most. Plus, get news about your holdings using Schwab’s Stay Connected® service.
Schwab.com 和嘉信理财移动应用程序 「帐户一览 」页面截图。


Reviewing your positions.

Reviewing your positions.

Schwab's position view allows you to easily access your positions – including streaming quotes on the Schwab Mobile app.

What to expect:

On Schwab.com's position view you can view the positions of all brokerage accounts on a single page.

  • Log in and select an account from the dashboard. From there, you can customize data columns, sort using column headers, and more. In addition to customizable views, each position has a "Next steps" dropdown menu allowing quick access to convenient shortcuts, like setting alerts, option chains, charts, company news, and more.

On the Schwab Mobile app you will select an account to view positions. 

  • Log in and select an account from the dashboard to go to the positions page.

On Schwab.com and the Schwab Mobile app, position values in extended market sessions are based on the closing prices of the preceding general market session. These position values do not update based on price action in extended market sessions. However, for accounts that used thinkorswim® prior to moving to Schwab, along with some other select accounts, position values on Schwab.com and Schwab Mobile in the after-hours (PM) session are based on price action during the after-hours session.

Coming to Schwab by end of 2023: Streaming quotes on the Schwab.com Positions page.

Screenshot of the Schwab.com and Schwab Mobile app Positions page.


Manage your watchlists.

Manage your watchlists.

Stay on top of the markets with watchlists, featuring streaming quotes on Schwab.com and the Schwab Mobile app.

What to expect:

  • On Schwab.com, log in and select Trade > Watchlist
  • On the Schwab Mobile app, log in and select Watchlist.

Coming to Schwab.com by the end of 2023: Additional customization options for watchlists, including additional data points.

Research tools

Using Schwab research.

Using Schwab research.

At Schwab, you'll continue to have access to news, analyst reports, updates, and third-party research. Plus, you'll gain access to valuable proprietary tools such as Schwab Equity Ratings®, Select List Reports, and market updates.

What to expect:

  • On Schwab.com, log in and select Research.
  • On the Schwab Mobile app, log in and select Markets.
  • Access a variety of research providers and tools, such as Argus, CFRA, MarketEdge, Morningstar, Schwab Equity Ratings, and more.
Screenshots of Schwabs web and mobile research page.

Placing a trade

Multiple ways to trade.

Multiple ways to trade.

Much of the web and mobile functionality you depend on is already here at Schwab—and more is on the way.

What to expect:

SnapTicket® is a streamlined trade ticket on Schwab.com that displays streaming market data and allows you to enter orders directly from nine key pages in your trading workflow.

  • Find the SnapTicket on the right side of key Schwab.com pages. Just click to expand the SnapTicket and enter your order details.

The Schwab.com trade ticket has features designed to help you to quickly and efficiently build orders.

  • Find the Schwab.com trade ticket under the Trade tab in the main menu on Schwab.com.

The Schwab Mobile app trade ticket has been redesigned for a more intuitive trading experience.

  • Select Trade on the Schwab Mobile app menu.

Coming to Schwab by the end of 2023:

  • SnapTicket: Multi-leg options; a Trade & Probability Calculator; add/delete options leg.
  • Schwab.com trade ticket: Trade preferences; Quantity calculator enhancements; strategy chain link.
  • Schwab Mobile app trade ticket: Ability to add/remove option legs; quantity & price pre-fill animation; strategy chains.
Screenshots of Schwab's web and mobile trade tickets.

Managed investing accounts.

What to know about your managed investing account.

For those in Selective Core Mutual Funds, Core ETFs, and Opportunistic Portfolios strategies: Before, during, and after the move to Schwab, your account will be managed according to your designated investment strategy. You'll continue to receive the same great service and ongoing management you’re used to.

For those in Essential Portfolios, Personalized Portfolios, Selective Managed Risk Portfolios, and Supplemental Income Portfolios strategies: Up until the move to Schwab, your account will continue to be managed as it is today. And while the assets and positions will move to Schwab as is, the account will convert to an individual brokerage account and will no longer be managed. You will be responsible for investment choices going forward. Note: This is not a taxable event. 

Learn more about the managed investing solutions available at Schwab. Visit Schwab Investment Advice or speak with your Financial Consultant.

Additional resources to help you navigate Schwab.

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Review helpful guides and how-to videos to start getting familiar with Schwab before your move.

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Whether you use thinkorswim®, Schwab.com, or the Schwab Mobile app, find what you need to trade and manage your account.

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See a side-by-side comparison of key experience changes and what's coming.

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