What's moving to Schwab with your account.

Your important information is moving.

Along with your TD Ameritrade account information, assets, and your open orders (except trade triggers), we're moving your other important information—from move money profiles and instructions to transaction history. See the complete list below.

  • What is moving to Schwab
  • What is not moving to Schwab
  • What is moving to Schwab
    • All positions
    • All assets
  • What is not moving to Schwab
    Saved orders
  • What is moving to Schwab

  • What is not moving to Schwab
    • Existing saved orders (Please make note of any saved orders you’d like to recreate at Schwab after your account has moved.). 
    • The "saved orders" feature will be available on thinkorswim® at Schwab.
    Account profile information
  • What is moving to Schwab
    • Contact information, including phone number, address, and email
    • Trusted contacts
    • Most beneficiaries
    • Duplicate statement recipients
    • Paperless preferences
    See FAQs about account information and settings
  • What is not moving to Schwab
    • Account nicknames
    Service and support
  • What is moving to Schwab
    • Your Financial Consultant
    • Service teams 
  • What is not moving to Schwab

    Account and trading features
  • What is moving to Schwab
    • Margin features, including portfolio margin and limited margin on IRAs
    • Options, futures, and forex approval
    • Approval to trade option spreads in IRAs 
    • Watchlists
    • Alerts set up in thinkorswim®
    • Hard-to-borrow program enrollment 
  • What is not moving to Schwab
    • Account, market, portfolio, and stock alerts set up on tdameritrade.com and the TD Ameritrade Mobile app
    • Saved research screeners
    • Order history for filled, changed, and canceled orders 
    Account authorizations
  • What is moving to Schwab
    • Power of attorney
    • Limited Trading Authority
    • Full Trading Authority (Note: This will come over as Limited Trading Authority. Full Trading Authority can be restored by the account owner after the account transitions.)
    See FAQ about authorized roles
  • What is not moving to Schwab
    • Access granted to you for an account you do not own or for which you do not have an authorized role
    • Account Inquiry roles
    See FAQ about digital access to accounts
    Move money profiles and instructions
  • What is moving to Schwab
    • ACH, wire, and internal transfer profiles if used or set up in the last 2 years at TD Ameritrade
    • Most future-dated or recurring ACH, internal transfer, and check request instructions
    • Wire instructions dated up to 3 months past your transition date
    • Debit card enrollment if used since March 2022 or enrolled by February 23, 2024
    • Checkwriting enrollment if used since March 2022 or enrolled by February 23, 2024
    • Instructions for dividend and interest paid out by ACH or check
    • Most Systematic Required Minimum Distribution (SRMD) instructions for Traditional, Rollover, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA accounts
    For full details, including specifics for managed investing accounts and retirement distributions and contributions, see our Move Money Guide.
  • What is not moving to Schwab
    • Wire requests more than 3 months past your transition date
    • Future-dated or recurring instructions that exceed Schwab's transaction limits
    • Profiles or instructions for account types that Schwab does not support
    • Debit card enrollment for investment clubs and testamentary trusts
    • Checkwriting enrollment for Traditional Beneficiary (Inherited) IRAs, Education Savings (Coverdell), and tax-exempt trust accounts
    • Automated debit card payments
    • Instructions for automatic payment of sales proceeds
    • Distributions or contributions set up beyond 2025 
    Historical documents and information 
  • What is moving to Schwab
    • Up to 10 years of historical TD Ameritrade account statements and trade confirmations 
    • Up to 10 years of TD Ameritrade tax documents 
    • Up to 4 years of transaction history from tdameritrade.com and the TD Ameritrade Mobile App 
    • All thinkorswim transaction history
    • See all TD Ameritrade realized gain/loss information 
    • Financial plans as a PDF 
    • Up to 7 years of inbound and outbound check images
    What's different for managed investing accounts: 
    • TD Ameritrade Investment Management performance reports
    • Performance history for Selective Core Mutual Funds, Core ETFs, and Opportunistic Portfolios
  • What is not moving to Schwab
    • Balance/value chart data 
    • Education Center course completion history and current course progress 
    What's different for managed investing accounts: 
    • Performance history for Essential Portfolios, Personalized Portfolios, Selective Managed Risk Portfolios, and Supplemental Income Portfolios 
  • What is moving to Schwab
    • Settings  
  • What is not moving to Schwab

Some of your information and settings will change or be updated.

Once your account has transitioned to Schwab, some of your information and settings will change due to differences in policy or experience. Here are the items that will be updated or reset at Schwab.

  • Account numbers and routing numbers. You will receive a new Schwab account number and routing number. Learn more about account numbers. 
  • TD Ameritrade user ID and password. You will be prompted to set up a new Schwab Login ID and password about one month before your move. If available, you can reuse your TD Ameritrade information at Schwab. 
  • TD Ameritrade checks and debit cards. If you are an active user of checks or debit cards, you will receive new Schwab checks and debit cards about one week before your move. Learn more about checks and debit cards.
  • Marketing and affiliate preferences for domestic accounts. Learn more about information sharing.
  • Tax withholding elections that are not currently set to state and federal minimums. These will be reset to state and federal minimums at Schwab. Learn more about tax withholding elections. 
  • Fund standing instructions where capital gains are set to cash and dividends are set to reinvest. These will both be set to reinvest at Schwab.
  • Cost basis settings that differ by position within the same account. If you have different cost basis instructions for different positions, your cost basis instructions will all be reset to FIFO. Learn more about cost basis settings.

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